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With DIY home improvement shows on TV getting increasingly popular, you may be considering doing a DIY roofing project yourself to save money on commercial roofing costs. But a commercial roofing project has its own challenges, ones that DIYers are ill-equipped to handle. Considering these inherent difficulties, we strongly recommend leaving this kind of work to professional roofers.

Flat Roofs vs. Pitched Roofs

A crucial difference between residential and commercial roofs is the slope. Commercial roofs are usually flat while residential roofs are typically pitched. The lack of elevation presents several challenges, the most notable being flat roofs’ susceptibility to poolng water and increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The complexity of flat roof installations is also a problem for DIYers. Asphalt and tar, commonly used on flat roofs, are spread evenly over several layers; this task would be difficult, if not impossible, to do without specialized equipment and the needed expertise.

Costly Mistakes

Given all these risks, one mistake with the installation can quickly balloon into a whole host of problems. Improper application of the tar or any mistake with the membrane installation can leave gaps, which can serve as an entry point for moisture.

Inevitably, installation mistakes will lead to several moisture-related issues, like mold, wood rot or even roof collapse, all of which may disrupt your business operations. Considering all these risks, it would be better to leave commercial roofing work to professional roofing contractors.

Since flat roofs are harder to install than residential roofs, it would be a good idea to only hire a certified contractor.

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