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According to researchers, many newly built homes have some major problems, including utilities and fittings. One of the main concerns among homeowners is the state of their roofing. Although roofing experts have been putting up measures to improve roofing quality and ensure a safe environment during installation, there’s no doubt that your roofing affects your home’s curb appeal.

If you intend to sell your home, you need to ensure the roofing is in good condition. Even if it seems to be in excellent condition, it’s advisable to seek professional inspections regularly. This enables homeowners to resolve any potential issues as early as possible. How does the roofing affect your home’s curb appeal?

The Roofing Style

The shape and the style you choose for the roofing should complement the other parts of your home’s exterior. New roofing designs have been coming up over the years, the old ones are becoming more appealing. The designs come in a variety of styles and shapes.

Other than the looks, some options are more functional than others. According to statistics we have gathered over the years helping people install and service their roofs, the most aesthetically-pleasing roofs are not as functional as they would want or even durable. As a result, people face a dilemma, whether to consider aesthetics or functionality. Nowadays, you can get designs with both features.

The Roof’s Color

One of the major decisions when choosing a roof is the color. Your property’s roof should complement the exterior color schemes and the foundation. Traditionally, you only had two choices, gray and black. Manufacturers have introduced multiple colors for different roofing materials. Sometimes, we would advise our clients to go for a plain and common color like black or tile red since your bold choice of color might not impress future buyers.

Your choice of the roof color affects your home’s curb appeal. Although the roofing tends to be the second-largest part of the exterior, it shouldn’t stand out too much. Dark-colored options are too pronounced. On the other hand, light-colored ones tend to draw attention away from your home’s exterior.

Therefore, some experts recommend choosing mid-tones. Consider the neighbor’s color scheme when choosing your roof’s color, as this will also have an impact on your curb appeal. Other than lowering your curb appeal, color schemes clashes will lower your neighbor’s property value.

The Choice of Roofing Material

Roofing materials have evolved, and manufacturers have developed advanced options. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of materials. Even traditional materials have become more versatile and come in a wide range of colors and shades to match your unique requirements.

There are modern materials, which can imitate classic styles or even allow you to use innovative ideas. If you have some ideas, you are likely to find materials that suit your unique needs. The materials have a significant impact on the look and style of your home’s roof.

For example, a slate tile roof has a different look than a standing metal seam roof. Changing your roof’s materials is one of the simplest ways of improving your home’s curb appeal. A roofing professional can offer insights on the best materials to achieve the objective.

The Roofing Quality

It might be tempting for many homeowners to install a cheap roof to improve the curb appeal before selling their properties. According to some experts, this may not work. Choosing a high-quality material will pay off in the end, as it will boost your curb appeal for decades.

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