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As the days shorten and the nights grow cooler, we all sense that summer is finally giving way to fall. The change in season brings the need for sweaters and crisp autumn air. It also signals the need to take care of your roof. The fall is the time to make sure your roof is in tip-top condition before winter storms come and put it to the test. If you neglect your roof now, you’ll leave your home susceptible to serious and costly damage in the months to come. Here are the three fall roof maintenance tips you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Clean Your Gutters

As we all know, fall is the season when trees shed their leaves. This creates an impressive amount of debris, much of which winds up on top of your roof and eventually in your gutters. When your gutters are clogged with dead leaves and detritus, it can seriously harm your home. For one thing, the clogged gutters tend to back up with water, which will eventually lead to the rotting of the roofline. Once freezing temperatures arrive, the water in the gutters will turn to ice, which further threatens the integrity of both your gutters and the roof.

If you can reach the gutters and are comfortable on a ladder, you can always get up there and clean them yourself. Otherwise, you should call in professionals to have your gutters cleaned. Whatever you do, make sure your gutters are completely unclogged as fall turns into winter.

Trim Surrounding Trees

During the spring, summer, and fall, the trees growing around your home likely provide a bit of shade and a dashing aesthetic. Once winter arrives, however, these charming trees become dangerous weapons capable of destroying your home. After a winter storm, branches become heavy with the additional weight of the fallen snow. Sometimes, the snow causes trees to fall or heavy limbs to snap, imperiling your roof, your home, and even your family.

To prevent such a tragedy, it’s best to take care of any threatening trees in the fall. Dead limbs and overhanging branches are especially problematic, and they should be promptly trimmed. Any trees leaning toward your home should probably be cut down altogether. If you’re not capable of doing this work yourself, there are plenty of professionals available for hire.

Roof Inspection

Before winter sets in, it is best to make sure your roof has no major structural problems. The only way to be completely safe is to call in the professionals. From minor leaks to missing shingles, there are all sorts of problems that you might never notice yourself. All these minor issues can prove catastrophic if left unaddressed, especially when winter rolls with its nasty weather.

Winter is fast approaching, and the time to take of your roof is now. Contact us today for a roof inspection and, if necessary, a roof replacement. Not only will you receive fantastic service, but you’ll also get peace of mind before winter strikes.