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Eye-catching houses usually attract attention because of its exterior design and landscape. This then implies that maintaining its cleanliness is a must and should never be neglected. It’s easy to tidy up all the other parts of the house except roofing systems. Because of this Gloeocapsa magma or blue-green algae can grow on your roof and create stains which destroy the pristine appearance of the roof.

New Technology

Roofs are equipped with algae-resistant granules that are released overtime to prevent algae from growing on your roof. However, this old technology doesn’t last long, with the amount of copper that it delivers decreasing over time. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of algae growth on the roof.

Fortunately, GAF has developed a new technology called StainGuard Plus which releases algae-fighting copper granules efficiently overtime to protect your roof from having black stains because of the presence of the algae.

This  newly developed roofing technology ensures that the amount of copper granules are 10 times more than older solutions from roofers and would constantly produce these granules to maximize the lifespan of your roof.

Why choose GAF’s StainGuard Plus?

Choosing GAF’s StainGuard Plus will save you a lot of money. Its technology will lessen the amount you spend on your roof by making sure that algae will not grow and will keep the condition of your roof as good as new.

GAF’s StainGuard Plus also comes with a 25-year limited warranty to ensure that your roof is free from black stains caused by these blue-green algae. You will not go wrong with choosing GAF’s StainGuard Plus because they got your roof covered and protected while helping you make a lasting statement of how your great your house looks because you have a stain-free roof.

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