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Homeowners concerned with the cost of repairs often avoid things like roof replacement because it can be costly. However, replacing your old roof can actually save you money and pay for itself in the end. Here are a few ways that replacing an old roof can add up to savings for you.

  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Fewer repair bills
  • Extends the life of your roof another 10 to 25 years

Energy Savings

Not only does a new roof save you money on your utility costs because you are installing new coatings and shingles, but the newer shingles are actually designed to reflect heat and keep you cooler. Energy Star reflective shingles can save you between 7% and 15% on your cooling costs, according to The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). Using Energy Star products helps you qualify for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit as well. Here you save in two ways – a tax credit and a reduction in energy costs.

Save on Insurance Costs

Replacing an old roof also ensures that it meets building code requirements, will last longer, and may also offer savings on insurance premiums due to upgraded materials. The risk is lower for the insurance carrier and therefore your premiums go down.

Save on Repair Bills

A newer roof is easier and cheaper to maintain because the materials are newer. The newer roofing materials are more weather resistant and protect from wind, rain, and even fire damage which equates to lower repair costs. Maintaining your roof also means fewer repairs in the future.

Increased Protection from Wind Damage

Wind straps help protect your roof from high winds and damage in areas that get hit by hurricane conditions. Some areas offer what they call “Hurricane Straps” which can help protect your roof and can withstand winds over 120 mph in areas like Virginia and Florida where hurricane winds are common. Older style shingles were only rated for up to 65 mph winds and rip easily when old or weathered.

Moisture Barrier Against Mildew and Wood Rot

There is a layer underneath the shingles that protects it from excess moisture. This is called an underlayment and protects the wooden roofing structures from moisture that would cause wood rot and mildew.extending the life of your new roof. It also helps insulate it and keeps heat from escaping through your attic.

Upgrading an old roof can actually save you money in energy bills, repair bills, and insurance costs as well as offer a few added bonuses such as insulation and protection from winds and moisture. While roof replacement may cost more upfront, the savings you get through energy reduction and tax credits lessen that cost and the peace of mind you get from knowing your roof will last a long time makes it worth every penny you put into it.

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